Mind Games

Mind Games

Mind Games…Because No Man is An Island…

Mind Games is a new twist on the romance-suspense thriller genre. I intend to make it the first of what will be a series of romance novels where the focal couple meets under unconventional circumstances or has a shared murky background. These characters don’t adhere to the stereotypical protagonist/antagonist profiles.

Mind Games centers on misplaced love, self discovery and new beginnings between an engaged NYC power couple (Brad Albrecht & Michelle Beauford), a somewhat confused newlywed (Annellyse Crawford) and a manipulative love interest (Kenji Sakura) who uses unconventional methods to find love.

  • Through a series of chance meetings and deception Kenji gets the girl – but at what cost.
  • Meanwhile Michelle and Annellyse must come to terms with the new lives thrust upon them while discovering who they are and what they want in life.
  • And Brad realizes that success and power can only take you so far if you have no one to share in your accomplishments.

Mind Games is a romantic examination of the butterfly effect, set against the backdrop of two cities known for their mystique – New York and Tokyo – and an equally intriguing underground organization.

Mind Games is available for all popular eBook formats through any of the following platforms:


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