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Long before I decided to try my hand at fictional works, I was writing freelance articles for various sources. My favorite topics of choice were romantic relationships/dating advice and fashion. So, I’m also the NY Tech Dating Examiner over at

Unfortunately, because of my full time focus on my company Big Apple Style Marketing, I don’t always get the chance to write dating articles as frequently as I would like to. This weekend I actually got the chance to pen an article based on a question posed to me by a date coaching company here in NYC. The question:

“When does a woman know that she wants to sleep with a man?”

My response…

It’s always been my belief that a woman knows if she wants to sleep with a man within the first ten minutes of her meeting him. However, it’s what the man does after the initial introduction that determines whether or not he’s ever lucky enough to experience that reality. Let’s face it, men aren’t discriminating but women are. And if a woman actually entertains a man’s advances, without tossing her drink on him/slapping him across the face/running the other way in sheer disgust there’s a good chance that if he doesn’t screw it up, there’s a payoff waiting for him somewhere in the (hopefully not so distant) future.

To read the full article, click here!!


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Check Out My Author Central Page!

So, Author Central is a promotional section that Amazon created to help readers learn more about the authors that create their favorite books.

On my author central page you’ll find my bio, info about the book, my Mind Games twitter handle (@mindgamesbook) and *coming soon* this blog will be directly posted to my Author Central page. Check it out by going to!

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Check Out Our New Cover Art!

So…December of 2011 I decided it was time to shake up the Mind Games look and feel by getting new cover art. I found an awesome illustrator, MalArts. He created an amazing cover drawing that depicted everything that I was going for – the link between two countries, a chance vacation that changes everything and a leading lady who must to choose between two men. You can check out his work at!

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Welcome to the Mind Games Book Series Blog!

Welcome to the Mind Games Book Series Blog.

For those who’ve been following Mind Games, we’ve migrated to WordPress for easier updates! Our web address is the same though! Here you’ll find everything from the old site: character overviews, where to buy links, press updates and more. And a bit of new: direct access to our twitter feed and links to our Facebook page. So, dig around, kick back and enjoy the new face of the romance suspense genre!

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