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My Interview with Pretty City!

For those who aren’t aware, creative writing and dating advice articles aren’t my main career. I actually work as a digital entertainment marketer for clients across the US, Canada, UK & Japan. I own a digital marketing consultancy, Big Apple Style Marketing, and basically help my clients to further their marketing, distribution and press efforts. Earlier this year I organized a benefit for the Japan Earthquake Relief efforts that featured two of my clients – Japanese rock bands RIZE & fade. Afterwards, we received quite a bit of press for it. And just recently, an interview I did with the site Pretty City went live and I’m very excited!

I had the opportunity to sit down with them and talk about my company, Big Apple Style Marketing, and more about what I do. Specifically we centered on my interest with the Japanese market and the event I organized earlier this year, the East Meets West concert that was held at Webster Hall here in NYC!

Check it out here when you get the chance!


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Mind Games is Now on!

Yes you read right!

I just got the email this early AM that my book is now listed and available for review on AskDavid is a site meant for authors to promote, review and share their books with each other.

Mind Games Review:

Check it out & be sure to rate the book if you’ve had a chance to read it. If not, here’s a coupon code (HL35U) to snag my ebook on sale at for 75% off the list price!


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New Post on Examiner: Take The Fear Out of Flirting with

Ladies have you ever seen a guy from across the room that you thought was really cute? Did you approach him or did you second guess yourself? Maybe you were afraid that he might not be that in to you. Or, maybe you were concerned about safety and didn’t want to give your number to a total stranger. Whatever your reason, as women, we can sometimes play too passive a role in the dating scene. And although it’s nice to be approached, there’s no guarantee that you’ll meet someone awesome by waiting for him to just roll along.

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing a relatively new dating platform specifically designed to empower women to flirt more with men. Ladies, get acquainted with FlipMeFlipMe is an awesome mix of technology and old school calling cards, complete with eye catching designs and enough intrigue to keep him wanting more. The concept is that when a woman is out and sees a man (or woman) that she likes, she gives him a FlipMe card. She doesn’t have to tell her prospective amour her name, just give them the card.

Read the full story here.

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Ladies Stop Looking for a Husband: Find the Love of Your Life!

Hold on there chicas! Before you throw your stilettos at the screen and write me off, let me explain. I just finished reading a book that was sent to me called Stop Looking for a Husband: Find the Love of Your Life. This book was written by Marina Sbrochi and is based on life lessons she learned in her own love life along with those gleaned from her friend’s experiences as well. As someone who’s definitely done their time in the dating scene and who helps people (usually men) with coaching sessions I found this book to be a very good source of inspiration for any woman who feels like she’s reached her breaking point with the dating scene. Before you toss in the towel and resign yourself to a life of spinsterhood and owning ten or more cats, please do yourself a favor and grab this book.

Stop Looking for a Husband: Find the Love of Your Life takes a common sense approach and a healthy dose of humor to dissect dating and understanding more about the male psyche and how some “stereotypical” (but true) female tendencies can send men running for the hills. For example, something as simple as a smile can be a life-changing act. Yes, it’s trite and it sounds like something your elementary school teacher would say. However, it’s an extremely essential tool. Almost all women are guilty of giving people the stank face or cold stare when we’re out around town or especially with our friends. For sure, we go out to spend time with our girls, and relax. So, at times it can be annoying when a random guy approaches your group. However, if you’re single – and more importantly lamentably single –don’t be so quick to give a decent guy the death stare when he approaches.

Or, are you guilty of letting your imagination get the best of you? By this I mean that you’ve barely started dating a guy and you’re already looking at “his and hers” towels and trying to spend every waking moment with him. Marina (and I agree!) strongly encourages women not to get so caught up in daydreaming romances that they scare a man away. No one wants to date someone who acts like a love sick puppy dog. Not only is it suffocating but it’s quite frankly a turn off. Maintain a sense of self and you’ll be that much more alluring to men.

Stop Looking for a Husband is a quick read (paperback version is 117 pages!) and is small enough to fit in your purse – hint hint! But for the more tech savvy chicas, there’s also an ebook version available for the Kindle. It also includes a very handy appendix section that basically sums up the various chapters and provides a bit of Q&A to help you troubleshoot real life dating scenarios.

In short, for the New York ladies who are tired of the drama, games and just pure craziness associated with the singles scene in this city – I beg you to buy this book! It’s funny, straight to the point and quite frankly brutally honest. And that’s something us New Yorkers can understand. If you’re not happy with how your dating life has stacked up so far, you owe it to yourself to take a moment and re-evaluate your behavior so that you can meet Mr. Right!

For more information about Stop Looking for a Husband: Find the Love of Your Life!

Author’s note: And I want to give a special thank you to Marina Sbrochi for reaching out to me! This was a delightful read and I will for sure be suggesting it to all the singles I know! ^_^


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New Post on Examiner: Relationships & the Dark Side of Social Media


Now we all know that things like oversharing or excessive tech use on a date are grounds for relationship fails. No one wants to spend time with someone who doesn’t know the meaning of privacy or who doesn’t know how to prioritize and compartmentalize their tech usage. But, what about the other side of technology that is rarely mentioned? What if it’s not you, but your close friends, relatives or overall social network that’s using social media to attack your relationship? How do you deal with the Nosey Nellies and Debbie Downers?

Read the full article here.

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New Post on Examiner: When You Prefer Quality Over Quantity

Probably one of the biggest complaints I get from people in the online dating space is that sometimes the sheer volume of prospective mates that are on most dating sites can be overwhelming. And, there’s definitely truth in this when many sites boast about their massive subscribership. But, what if what you’re looking for goes beyond the general basics of height, eye color and hair color? What if what you’re looking for is someone who has a similar education background, ideals, or goals to yours? Then, I suggest checking out the relatively new dating platform, I had the pleasure of visiting their New York offices and met an interesting crew of mainly Ivy grads who all wanted to help a specific niche of singles.

Read the full article here.

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New Post on Examiner: Get Closer in NYC with City Chatter!

In a city of just over 8 million people, anyone who spends time in New York can tell you that it’s very easy to feel isolated here. Even though, yes, we have a big population, the reality is you can feel disconnected. Whether that’s because of language barriers, shyness or just the fear that the person sitting next to you on the subway is a complete nut job, it’s easy to understand why the biggest complaint that lifetime residents and recent transplants have about New York is the difficulty in meeting new people. Well, I had the luxury of meeting two of the creators of the new social app, City Chatter, while they were here in NYC to promote it’s launch this week. And I’m quite confident that after this review, you’ll be downloading it to your iPhone or Android ASAP just like I did!

Read the full story here!

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