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I’m Featured in the SEO Buzz Internet Marketing Blog

Um Yeah…

For those who don’t remember, along with being witty with dating advice and able to write a mean romance suspense novel, I actually do have a day job. Although I hate to call it that because it’s not just a job it is in fact my career passion – entertainment marketing. Anywho, I just got a notice today that I’ve been featured in SEO Buzz Internet Marketing, about entrepreneurs who took the plunge and left Corporate America to start their own companies. The blog focuses on helping small businesses and non profits reach their target market.

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New Article on Examiner: Online Dating Site Scam

So, I actually hadn’t intended to write a dating site review this week. But I’ve been seeing these irritating online dating site commercials on TV for the past few weeks and today I finally got curious enough to investigate. So, there’s a website out there called Anastasia Global. In the commercial, a male voice over speaks soothingly about how he met this fantastic woman named Anastasia even though she lives thousands of miles away. Clearly, this commercial is aimed at men as it makes no reference for how a single American lady could meet a man. In the end, a title card appears telling viewers that they can experience a 40 minute free trial if they visit Anastasia Global now.

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New Article on Examiner: The Art of Flirting…Wit Isn’t Always Necessary (Part 1)

I’m still busy finalizing some fantastic tech dating articles. But in the meantime, let’s examine ways that you can take that digital connection offline! Much like some of my other “slightly” off topic articles, the reality is that digital matchmaking is no substitution for being able to carry your own in the real world. And my background is providing date coaching services to men. So, consider this an ongoing series.

The Art of Flirting…Wit Isn’t Always Necessary

So, this afternoon I was out and about in Times Square – I know I know…I never spend time there. But I was there today okay! Anywho, I ended up chatting with a friendly guy who I kind of think was flirting with me. And I say “kind of” because sometimes you’re never really sure if a guy is really being flirty or just being chatty because you both happen to be stuck in the same situation so you might as well make do and have a conversation. For the record we were both at an event.

Read the full article here.

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CoffeeMeetsBagel Heads West!

So back in the beginning of September I wrote an article for Examiner about the awesome NYC based dating site, CoffeeMeetsBagel. The concept is that everyday a new potential match is sent straight to your inbox at noon. Then you have 24 hours to approve the suggested match or pass on it and wait for a new match to be sent to you the next day. Rather than wading through an endless list of potential matches, members receive a daily personalized match.

Well, now that CoffeeMeetsBagel has conquered New York & Boston, they’re setting their sites on San Francisco. With a launch scheduled for this Wednesday, October 24th, singles in San Francisco will finally get a taste of CoffeeMeetsBagel’s personalized service!

For more info on CoffeeMeetsBagel, visit their website at

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New Article on Examiner: Ladies Stop Being Stupid!


Yes, I really did go there. This article is slightly off topic, as it has nothing to do with technology. But, quite frankly, if you’re making epic relationship fails, it’s irrelevant how you meet someone…you’ll always be the one getting burned and being forever single. While I’m gathering info on tech dating trends to help you find a mate this Fall and Winter, let’s explore some common sense issues that simply must be addressed. Honestly, I’m hearing about way too many women making some seriously ignorant choices, which ultimately leads to broken hearts and bitter faces.

Look I get it, if you’re unwillingly single, it’s tempting to force a relationship just so you don’t have to endure a season of single-hood. Likewise, I totally understand that when the weather turns chilly, people tend to want to be coupled up. Being single in the Spring and Summer is fun and exciting…not so much in the Fall and Winter. However, just because the weather’s changing doesn’t mean you need to throw common sense out the window just to say that you have someone. As one of my business partners is always prone to say “let’s dig further”…

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New Article on Examiner: When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong…


Most anyone will tell you that in relationships, honesty is for sure the best policy. But, quite frankly, there are times when it’s best not to be such a Dudley Do Right. As they say, “discretion is the better part of valor” and all that. Although this isn’t quite a tech focused post, it’s still a topic that’s quite important and needs to be covered.

Read the full story here.

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