About the Author

About the Author

A note from the author – Dorian Smith

I love to read, I’ve been doing it since I was three. And in my opinion, reading a book should be like taking a mini vacation, minus the expenses! I’ve always been a lover of reading regardless of the genre (with the exception of a few that I just could never get into…um science fiction anyone?!). But the mark of a good book for me, was one where I was completely transported from my current location. Nothing is more exciting than actually getting into the mind of a character, and imagining yourself in their location, their era or just imagining that you were them, living their experiences. This is the mark of a good book, whether it’s a classic or a beach read.

Good books are also impossible to put down! I remember as a child spending my summers holed up in my room reading (yes I was an introvert!) and hating when my mom called me for dinner or to go somewhere. It felt like I was being pulled away from a whole other life that; for those few brief pages I got to be a witness to. This is what I set out to recreate when I started writing my book, Mind Games.

Mind Games is the brainchild of my very vivid daydreams! I’ve always been a dreamer at heart and the type of person who could turn a simple daydream into a soap opera quality story with complex plotlines and intense action. For the curious, it started as a very simple and random dream I had almost over a year ago. Well, I thought the dream was fantastic and began to daydream about it, even when I was at work. Finally, in the fall of 2008 I decided to try my hand at writing a full length novel (as I was already writing articles and short pieces), and now you have Mind Games.

Although the pace in Mind Games moves quickly, it is not your typical beach read. The story is fluid, constantly changing, and requires you to remember details that were mentioned much earlier on in the book. No one is as they appear, much like in real life. And why should they be? I enjoy simple reads, but I love a book that makes me say “Oh my gosh…did that just happen?!”

Likewise, the situations that occur in this book could happen to anyone, making it a story with universal appeal. As an African American writer, I didn’t want to create a story that could only appeal to a certain segment of people. We’ve all read books where the plot focuses more on the culture than the character’s journey, which can alienate anyone reading that book that isn’t part of that culture. I didn’t want this. I want anyone to read Mind Games and relate to Michelle, Kenji, Annellyse or Daniel (although I sincerely hope you don’t relate to him!) without feeling like the character’s racial background is preventing them from doing so.

And finally, a good book evokes a reaction from its readers. If you find that you despise Kenji, find Annellyse annoying or actually empathize with Daniel, then I have done a good job, and written a meaningful story for the world to enjoy! Mind Games is the first in what will be a series of stories all involving the lengths people will go to for love, against the backdrop of more “unorthodox” lifestyles. So, kick back, relax and dabble your feet into a world of mayhem, intrigue and romance with the first book in my series Mind Games!

All the best,
Dorian ^_^


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