New Article on Examiner: Ladies Have Several Seats

If you insist on assuming, I must insist on telling you to have several seats…

So, I’ve been focusing on the men lately, and realized that I’m neglecting my own gender! Tonight’s article – although not about technology – is much needed and is inspired by a scene from last Sunday’s (11.11.12) episode of RHOA. Yes, it’s my guilty pleasure, and something I’m sure many of my female readers can relate to. ^_^ A quick recap for those who don’t watch RHOA; one of the newbies, Kenya Moore, asks her paramour “Walter” if there were any skeletons in his closet. Being foolishly honest, he admits that he once dated Kandi Burress, another cast member. And on cue, Kenya gives him the serious stank face and has a minor freak out. My reaction, to quote the extremely outspoken Tamar Braxton (another reality guilty pleasure of mine): I’m going to need you to have several seats.

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Just a ‘lil giveaway to kick off the holiday season! Good luck y’all! ^_^

Big Apple Style Marketing

Today, we’re teaming up with Linea Pelle to offer one lucky winner the chance to win a prize set valued at $340! We’re picking one winner at random who signs up for the sweepstakes. If you want to get your hands on a buttery soft leather Nico Crossbody Clutch and a gorgeous Double Wrap Nailhead Stud Cuff (and P.S. both go great with everything), then click the link below to enter for a chance to win!

Contest link:

*Remember, you can only enter to win by using this link! Contest ends on Friday, November 16th so hurry up and enter!

If you remember, Linea Pelle was the yummy Italian leather purse & accessories line that I visited at the start of September NYFW. I’m loving the accessories I picked up while at their showroom here in NYC and know that whoever wins our giveaway will be one…

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I don’t normally post my corporate work here on my writing blog, but I’m so excited about this. My company Big Apple Style coordinated this international duet between Japanese rock artist Jesse McFaddin & American pop/dance artist Julissa Veloz! Check it out!

Big Apple Style Marketing

On Sunday, November 11th, Jesse McFaddin of the Japanese rock group RIZE is releasing his debut solo album STAND UP. The sixteen-track album features a fully collaborative artistic vision with each song formed through the combined creativity of Jesse McFaddin with production teams or artists from around the world including the American pop/dance artist Julissa Veloz. The duo worked together to create the single 2 of Us which features equal parts romance and attitude while sung over a chill pop/rock track. Jesse’s edgy yet laid back rap style blends seamlessly with Julissa’s smooth and sensual R&B vocals, resulting in a single that transcends genres and is sure to resonate with fans.

Julissa Veloz is a former American Idol finalist from season #8 who was best known on the series as “Tiara Girl”. After the show, the Dominican American singer/songwriter/producer began garnering attention when her debut single “Take…

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Mind Games Now Available on All Romance

If you haven’t had your chance to snag a copy of Mind Games, now you have one more outlet to use – All Romance eBooks! All Romance eBooks, is pretty much like the name says, a space for people who love  romance books (and all the sub-genres within it). There are a variety of sub-genres available on All Romance, but rest assured there’s definitely a romance suspense category! Just like on other platforms, here Mind Games is still just $3.99 per copy!


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New Article on Examiner: Eyes Up Here Fellas, Pt 2 “The Art of Flirting”

Last week I started what will be an ongoing series of articles covering the Art of Flirting. To recap part one, the takeaway was that approaching a woman doesn’t require the most witty or high brow of conversations. All it takes is guts. And as a reminder, last week’s article was really aimed at men. Yes, women need encouragement too, but it’s a different angle. So, working under the assumption that you’re now confident and ready to approach women, let’s move on to part two of the Art of Flirting…eye contact.

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I’m Featured in the SEO Buzz Internet Marketing Blog

Um Yeah…

For those who don’t remember, along with being witty with dating advice and able to write a mean romance suspense novel, I actually do have a day job. Although I hate to call it that because it’s not just a job it is in fact my career passion – entertainment marketing. Anywho, I just got a notice today that I’ve been featured in SEO Buzz Internet Marketing, about entrepreneurs who took the plunge and left Corporate America to start their own companies. The blog focuses on helping small businesses and non profits reach their target market.

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New Article on Examiner: Online Dating Site Scam

So, I actually hadn’t intended to write a dating site review this week. But I’ve been seeing these irritating online dating site commercials on TV for the past few weeks and today I finally got curious enough to investigate. So, there’s a website out there called Anastasia Global. In the commercial, a male voice over speaks soothingly about how he met this fantastic woman named Anastasia even though she lives thousands of miles away. Clearly, this commercial is aimed at men as it makes no reference for how a single American lady could meet a man. In the end, a title card appears telling viewers that they can experience a 40 minute free trial if they visit Anastasia Global now.

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