New Article on Examiner: Ladies Stop Being Stupid!

18 Oct


Yes, I really did go there. This article is slightly off topic, as it has nothing to do with technology. But, quite frankly, if you’re making epic relationship fails, it’s irrelevant how you meet someone…you’ll always be the one getting burned and being forever single. While I’m gathering info on tech dating trends to help you find a mate this Fall and Winter, let’s explore some common sense issues that simply must be addressed. Honestly, I’m hearing about way too many women making some seriously ignorant choices, which ultimately leads to broken hearts and bitter faces.

Look I get it, if you’re unwillingly single, it’s tempting to force a relationship just so you don’t have to endure a season of single-hood. Likewise, I totally understand that when the weather turns chilly, people tend to want to be coupled up. Being single in the Spring and Summer is fun and exciting…not so much in the Fall and Winter. However, just because the weather’s changing doesn’t mean you need to throw common sense out the window just to say that you have someone. As one of my business partners is always prone to say “let’s dig further”…

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